KUMC’s eBay Store

Welcome to Kingswood’s eBay Store!

To shop at our store, access:   https://www.ebay.com/usr/kingswoodumc_mobileal

Items We Accept as Donations:
Items that are small enough for you to carry that are new or like new and in good working condition.
Some of the popular items include:

Small Consumer Electronics in Working Order
(include the box and manuals if you have them), such as:
• Old mobile phones (unlocked or named network) • Phone cases
• Phone chargers
• Fitness watches and Accessories
• Tablets • e-readers • Headphones • Webcams
• Echo, Echo Dot, Google Home • Portable BlueTooth speakers

Gaming Systems
Video games for consoles, computers, handheld gaming systems • Gaming consoles
• Accessories such as controllers and cases • Merchandise related to popular games

Books, Movies, and Music
Books • CDs • Records Cassettes • Small instruments
• Instrument accessories e.g. tuners, music, portable stands • VHS • Blue Ray

Brand New Arts & Crafts Supplies
• Yarn, sewing and needlecraft tools, e.g. knitting needles • Needlepoint kits
• Bead and Jewelry making • Art supplies • Scrapbooking items

Home Decor
• Decorative items e.g. small vases, prints, figurines • Plaques and signs

• Trading cards • Game cards • Sports items • Militaria • Dishware

Dinnerware and Serverware
• Mugs with logos, or mug sets • Vintage dishware • Dishware sets • Butter dishes
• Cream and sugar sets
• Teapots and teacups • Trays


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  I have an item to donate.  How do I get it to the charity store?
     A.  You can drop your item off at the church office.  Call 251-661-0420 to make an appointment during the  COVID-19                    Pandemic.  Masks are required of everyone in our church office.

Q.  How will the price of my item be determined?
     A.  eBay has tools to help sellers set the price of any item.  These tools include the option to see prices of similar items, as
          well as what price recent items have sold.  We will rely on these tools to help us set the price of your donated items.

Q.  Is my donation tax-deductible?
     A.  Yes.  You will receive a donation receipt, similar to what you would receive when you donate to Open Doors Ministry.               For your tax purposes, you assign the value, consistent with IRS guidelines.

Q.  What if I have an item that I think would sell but it isn’t in the suggested list?
     A.  Please reach out to the Church Office (251)661-0420 to discuss our ability to sell your item.

Q.  Do you take large items like TVs, chairs, or bicycles?
     A.  Not at this time.  At the start of this charity ministry, we are focusing on smaller items.

Q.  If I donate an item and it doesn’t sell, will I get it back?
     A.  No.  Items that are deemed not sellable on eBay will be donated to Open Doors Ministries.

Q. I would love to get involved.  How can I help?
     A. That’s great to hear!  You can absolutely get involved in any part of the process from gathering donations, managing
          inventory, researching items, creating listings on eBay, packaging & shipping, etc.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn how
          to sell on eBay, this is a great chance to learn.  You’ll also be helping this Kingswood Ministry in a big way!  For more
          information, contact the Church Office!